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Piñon Nut Brittle

When traveling in the Southwestern United States, wild piñon nuts are everywhere. The landscape in many areas is dominated by a mixture of piñon pine and juniper, but many don’t realize that these pines bear delicious and edible pine nuts like the ones you buy at the grocery store. For me, that realization was a […]

Yarrow Bearnaise

Bearnaise sauce is one of the greatest culinary exploits of humankind, if you ask me. Hot butter sauces are nearly unbeatable, and Bearnaise is king. Here I have put together a wildcrafted version of a Bearnaise, using yarrow as the aromatic herb. Yarrow grows all over the world, so no matter where you are, you […]

Yarrow Compound Butter

Yarrow is one of those plants that, even if you don’t know it right now, you have seen it a thousand times, and once you know what it is, you’ll see it everywhere. It is lovely, fragrant, and very useful. It is an herb that has been used in traditional medicine (and other, more unique, […]