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Watermelon Mint Gazpacho

Mint is a very common forageable plant, particularly in urban and suburban areas, as it has a tendency to creep out of a cultivated garden and then take off on its own. One plant can quickly turn into a dense patch if not properly contained. While the tenacious growth of mint can be the bane […]

Milkweed Poppers

This recipe is not dissimilar from the fried milkweed pods recipe that I posted on Friday. It uses the same breading, similar frying oil and temperature, the big difference here is the filling. This is a great recipe for the slightly larger pods from your harvest–the 3-inchers or so. You can find that previous recipe, […]

Fried Milkweed Pods

Milkweed pods are one of the stranger looking fruits out there. Milkweed itself pops out of the grass looking pretty typical, but as the season progresses, it takes on something of an extraterrestrial quality. It begins with the flowers. Milkweed flowers come in large clusters, like an over-sized Martian broccoli, the flowers popping into little […]

Currant Pie

There are tons of currants ripening around Boulder right now. You may have some competition for them, but in my experience, it isn’t too bad. Currants are certainly not the most widely recognized fruit, and even when its edibility is recognized, it seems that the average currant-eater is unwilling to stray from the trail. The […]