Bus Update: we’re done!

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Bus Update: we’re done!

I’m going to keep this one short and sweet because the meat of it isn’t in this post. The meat of it is over at the new website for Let’s Live Everywhere, which I hope you’ll all check out after you’re done here.

It has been 14 months since we started work on the bus, 17 months since we bought it, and about 18 months since we first made the decision to do this. It has been simultaneously one of the best and one of the most stressful things that I have ever done. And, in spite of the many delays, it is finally done. We have turned our shortbus into a tiny house.

Unfortunately, we are now in the midst of another delay that is well outside of our hands and completely uncertain in length: this covid-19 pandemic. We set aside the last couple of weeks in March to put the finishing touches on Bea and get rid of all of our stuff that wouldn’t fit in the bus and then the whole world locked down.

Like the rest of the country, we are stuck in a holding pattern. The bus is finished, but we can’t sell the last few things we need to sell, nor drop anything off at the thrift store. We’re just here, waiting. That said, we are also quite lucky. We were financially prepared to be unemployed right now and we feel very lucky to be in quarantine together. My heart goes out to folks who are dealing with loneliness and financial insecurity on top of the stress of a global pandemic.

We have not been particularly productive in isolation. Something about the world being in such turmoil has made it really difficult to put my nose to the grindstone over the past month. But, we have managed some good work. The bus is done. Like, completely done. We will surely continue to decorate with little bits and bobs, but she is functional and ready to be lived in just as soon as we are freed from Colorado’s stay at home order.

The other big project that we finished is our website: www.letsliveeverywhere.com. The website is up and running and we are working on putting together content for it. We learned so much in the past 14 months, and now it is time to distill that into useful documents for others who are taking on a similar challenge. So, go check it out and sign up for the email list to stay up to date with the guides that we’re putting together!

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