The Hunt

Spruce Tip Creme Brulee

Spruce and fir tips are one of the greatest foraging delights of spring. Each year, as the weather starts to turn,  spruce and fir trees begin their yearly growth. At the tip of each branch, the tree puts out a tiny bud of what will be its growth for the year. When these first pop […]

Nettle Latte

Common nettle, Urtica dioica, like many plants, originated in Europe and Asia, and has since migrated all over the world. You have likely encountered this at some point in your life, and it is one that is hard to miss when you come into close contact. Many of you likely remember your first accidental brush […]

Garlic Mustard

Garlic mustard was originally introduced in North America, like a number of other invasive exotics, as a food plant. It quickly took to this new environment and now can be found in good quantity all over the country. Unlike a lot of forageable greens, garlic mustard has tender, delicious leaves absent of the bitterness so […]

Chinese Cattail Salad

Cattails, as a foraging target, can be a bit tricky. They are really tempting, because every part of the plant is edible at some point in the growth cycle. They also grow in just about every pond. But, at least around the front range, they are rarely in a good spot to harvest. Cattails are […]