The Gear
The Hunt
The Meal

Your First Hunt

You get to the trailhead half an hour after sunrise. You meant to wake up earlier, to be out there before dawn, but your bed was warm, and even the thought of the cold, dark woods drove you deeper below the covers. How much could it really matter anyway? So you slept in a while. […]

Success in Sequins

I won’t lie, I was very discouraged after my first two experiences hunting. I had spent a lot of time, money, and energy learning as much as I could and still come home empty-handed after two full days in the field. I was aware from my reading that this was not only a possibility, but […]

Squirrels in Spotsy Woods

My second hunt took place a few weeks later. I let the rest of deer season slip by without trying again. Every book I read suggested that I really ought to cut my teeth on small game anyway. This time I set out to a nearby piece of public land with my brand new Ruger […]