Xmas Gift List Round II – Books

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Xmas Gift List Round II – Books

Books are a huge part of Christmas for my family. We have a lot of introverts and we all grew up reading voraciously. There have been Christmas mornings where once the wrapping paper settled I was surrounded by only books and a pair or two of socks. Here are some of my favorites related to the hunting and growing of food:

The Scavenger’s Guide to Haute Cuisine:
This book really jump-started my interest in hunting years ago. Steven Rinella is an excellent storyteller, and this book is full of his experiences hunting from childhood to the present. For hunters, gourmands, and people who are maybe just starting to develop an interest in finding their own food, this book makes an excellent gift.

Fat of the Land:
I read this book while I was living in the Pacific Northwest, a part of the country that I have an inordinate fondness for. Every hunter and fisher that I’ve talked to from that part of the country is full of interesting stories about the unique opportunities available there. If you’re looking for a gift for someone in the northwest or someone who likes to travel, this is a great read and will get that wanderlust cranking.

Hunt, Gather, Cook:
In this book Hank Shaw opens up the world of hunting, fishing, and foraging that he has lived in his whole life. We are surrounded by edible flora and fauna all the time, and most of us don’t realize it. The focus of the book tends to be the places he has lived (California and the Northeast), but even if you’re smack dab in the middle of the country like me, it is a good read and will get you aching to get out and learn what tasty edibles you’ve been overlooking in your own backyard.

By far the best gardening book I’ve read. The book is laid out beautifully and full of good advice. It is not every gardening book that you voraciously read cover to cover. Buy this and I promise your garden will thank you in the spring.

The Urban Homestead:
This is a really fun book about ways in which we can take our urban or suburban lives (or rural, even) and turn them into the homestead life that so many of us desire. It is full of tutorials and DIY projects on things like setting up a backyard garden, keeping livestock, and installing a greywater system–projects that will encourage you and get you excited about improving your home.

That’s a good start, five books that I love, at least one of which ought to fit your audience. And if you’re really down to the wire, they’re all available on kindle as well.

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