Goose Barbacoa Taco Salad

The Meal

Goose Barbacoa Taco Salad

I am the kind of person that when I make something really delicious I can fall into a pattern of eating it for two or three meals a day. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but when you have been working on your barbacoa recipe it leads to what might be considered a dangerous number of tacos.

Enter the taco salad. This is a vegetable-heavy dish that carries all those same wonderful flavors and doesn’t leave you feeling quite so guilty afterward.

Barbacoa Taco Salad

Your Favorite Salad Mix
Goose Barbacoa
1 white onion
1 green pepper
1 yellow/orange pepper
3 tbsp sour cream
2 tbsp salsa
Juice of ½ lime

For the Dressing:
Combine the sour cream, salsa, and lime juice in a small container and mix well. Add salt, pepper, and other spices to taste. I like these ratios, but if it isn’t doing it for you, add a bit more salsa or lime juice. Increase the volumes if you want to store some for later.

For the Salad:
I like to top my greens with fajita vegetables. Just slice the onion and peppers to desired size and cook over high heat for a while. Don’t move things around too much, you want them to burn a little and bring that smoky flavor to your salad.

Once the vegetables are cooked let them cool for a minute. During this time you can toss your greens with the dressing. Once the vegetables are cool, toss them on top of your greens along with a dollop of the warmed barbacoa. Throw a few pickled onions on top of that and you’re in business.

If you don’t yet feel like you’ve maxed out on tortillas yet, make yourself a quesadilla to go with it.

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