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Nettle Custard Pie

For me, there may be no better dessert than a custard pie–that indescribable richness of a good custard balanced with a salty, flaky pastry crust and nice dollop of whipped cream. It really doesn’t get much better. And it also serves as a wonderful platform for exploration of flavors. In this case, I’ve flavored my […]

Milkweed Caper Chicken Piccata

To make this recipe, you will first need to find yourself some milkweed (showy milkweed for you Coloradans), and make capers. You can find my post about milkweed and my recipe for milkweed capers here. If it is past milkweed season, feel free to substitute other varieties of foraged capers like dandelion capers or pickled […]

Milkweed Capers

In late spring or early summer, showy milkweed (Asclepias speciosa) makes its appearance around the front range. It begins to peek up out of the grass as things get hot and a few weeks later it standing tall above the surrounding grass, its many buds are popping into beautiful, fragrant flowers.⁠ Milkweed is best known […]

Spruce Tip Creme Brulee

Spruce and fir tips are one of the greatest foraging delights of spring. Each year, as the weather starts to turn,  spruce and fir trees begin their yearly growth. At the tip of each branch, the tree puts out a tiny bud of what will be its growth for the year. When these first pop […]