The White Boulderite, a foraged cocktail

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The White Boulderite, a foraged cocktail

Alright, this is the last dandelion recipe that I will post (for now). That primer was meant to provide recipes for every consumer, children and adults alike, from a plant that you cann all already identify. After this one we will move into some slightly more difficult plants and some very exciting recipes.

To make this cocktail, you must first make dandelion Tia Maria. To make dandelion Tia Maria, you must first make dandelion coffee. In an effort to not repeat myself too much on this blog, I’ll just link you to the dandelion coffee recipe–start there. If you’ve already done that, read on.

Tia Maria is basically the same thing as kahlua. They are both rum-based coffee liqueurs, the primary difference being that Tia Maria is slightly less syrupy than Kahlua. You could also just call this a dandelion coffee liqueur, but I’ve just written those words too many times in the last few days. And calling it Tia Maria or Kahlua indicates that it has a rum base.

Dandelion Tia Maria Recipe:
-Brew 4 tbsp roasted dandelion root with 2.5 cups of water for 15 minutes.
-strain and return the liquid to the pot. Add 1 cup sugar and dissolve. Allow to cool.
-Add vanilla and dark rum, and pour into a storage bottle.
-Age 1 month before serving.

This cocktail is a very Boulder version of the white russian. It is a damn fine dessert cocktail, and you can impress all your guests (someday, when we’re allowed to have guests again) with the fact that they’re drinking a cocktail made with that weed they detest in their front yard.

1.5 oz. Vodka (I like Tito’s)
1.5 oz. Dandelion Tia Maria
1.5 oz. Half + Half or Whole Milk

Add vodka, tia maria, and milk to a rocks glass with lots of ice, stir, and enjoy. Doesn’t get much simpler than that, does it?

Other preparations for dandelions:
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