The Gear

Canada Goose Gear & Tactics

Prior to my first goose hunt, I had some firm ideas about what it meant to hunt waterfowl. Hunting waterfowl required an elaborate blind, a vast array of expensive decoys, head-to-toe camouflage (with face paint), and a well-trained retriever. This does describe one style of waterfowl hunting, but for those of us just getting started, […]


I just bought my first shotgun. I’ve owned a couple rifles (a .22 and a 30-30) for a few years now, but neither of them ever felt worthy of the moniker boomstick. This one certainly does. Owning a shotgun has opened up an entirely different type of hunting, and I can see why people become […]

Zeroing Your Scope

After years of talking about it, my buddy finally took his hunter safety course and bought that first rifle, the .22. His mind was made up from the get go that he was going to buy a bolt-action, so he ended up with a Marlin XT-22. He had a ton of fun the first time […]