The Gear

Shooting Rests

I have recently been faced with a conundrum. In the past, I have done the majority of my hunting in dense enough forest that range never tested my marksmanship. As I’ve been expanding out into the plains, this has become more of an issue. I am not a bad shot by any means, I think […]

The .22, Everyone’s First Rifle

A good friend of mine recently, after years of talk, finally went through his hunter’s safety course. We’ve been talking about hunting together for as long as I’ve known him, but like many people I know, he found the idea interesting and exciting, but didn’t have a lot of follow through. After a few drinks […]

Xmas Gifts for a Pyromaniac

Do you have a pyromaniac in your life? Or perhaps just someone who loves a good campfire? Well then this is the list for you. Once you become a firefighter it is assumed at any gathering that you will be responsible for the construction, lighting, and eventual extinguishing of any fire. This is typically fine, […]